“Success” or Satisfaction?

For Me: Success is the conclusion of the experiments, struggles, failures, and 360 experiences of everything in our life. Success is satisfaction, and it is not considered if your success is copied or inspired by or from someone or something. Your Failure is your success when you agree with the fact that at least “YOU DID SOMETHING”

Your movement, your decision, your efforts, your 0 to 1 is the actual success before the Success the world wants to see.

Sharing my 3 rules of life for survival.

1. “If you want to do something, just announce it and don’t be afraid whether it is done or not yet.” [This rule is inspired by Vimal Daga]

2. “The world doesn’t exist, it only exists physically. If there is a challenge in front of you, think you’re alone and you need to do it on your own, and if there is no support with you and you’re actually alone, and you need some motivation, and inspiration, in that particular situation, think you’re playing solo not alone. Be A Warrior. This world either exists with the relation of Humanity or Customer that’s it.”

3. “Death is the biggest achievement. If you know the fact that A billionaire and surviving person with no shelter, both will achieve this milestone in their life, the Death. Why are you afraid of being a failure.”

Believe Me, I’m Successful and I actually don’t have anything on my hands. I’m successful because you’re reading this. Thanks for being here!

These 3 rules of my life will give you all the answers, Trust me, All the answers. I made these rules after achieving Depression, Failures, Survival, Tension, Tears, Weak Relationship, Losing my family members, Losing my 40 friends in 4 years, etc. till my current age of 20.

I’m already successful if 1/7Billion person is reading this. This is my success!

“LEARN. TEACH. GROW.” ~ This is my ultimate “Mantra” to learn, practice, sharing more accurately in comparison to the other 99 percent crowd in this world.

Life becomes easy, great, and calm if you understand the real meaning of the integration of “SPIRITUALITY + HUMANITY + TECHNOLOGY”, the output of this equation is Life with “SUCCESS”.

Yes! I’m not earning right now, I don’t have any global certification, I don’t have any job (& I actually don’t want as I’m working day/night for the Entrepreneurship Journey & building meaningful solutions for the people of this world to make life easier and peaceful). But, I’m Successful & I accept to make myself happy, and a good learner in any situation, and anywhere.

Learn To Sacrifice, Learn to Learn (How to Learn)!

If you know, what to learn, & how to learn! then you’re also Successful!

Success is not all about getting featured in Forbes, becoming a multi-millionaire, or achieving what you want to achieve! Success is a journey, and you need to achieve many milestones!

Your action and conclusion is Success if you understand the meaning of Satisfaction!

Understand life! We’re just a skeleton, and wearing the skin! #Success #Life

Shobhit Sharma (born 8 December 2000) is an Indian Technology Journalist, Computer Engineer, EDM Artist, Blogger, and Entrepreneur from Agra, Uttar Pradesh.