That 999 Failure — The Eternal Experience

Experience what? For many of all the population, experience is

“I love to cook, and I’m having years of cooking experience!”

It’s an experience. What we love to do or what we need/have to do for many years or a long time, we gain experience always.

I love to play games, I’m playing for a long time.

I have to work as a waiter as I need to support my family economically, I’m working for many years.

Love to play games or have to work as a waiter, In both of the sentences, we’re gaining the experiences.

I’m failing for a long time in achieving expertise in something! Failing for a long time in achieving?

If expertise is not achieved, did I achieve any experience yet?

That 999 Failure

I’m a successful person if I got something that I always wanted to achieve. What if I don’t achieve? Still, I’m successful or not?

Success 101

Success is a SATISFACTION, or it should be. When we set a goal to achieve something because we want to achieve it with our own decision (not by others are doing the same), we’ll do our best to achieve that thing.

When/if we achieve the same, we’re SUCCESSFUL, or when/if we do not achieve the same, then we’re also successful.

You did everything to achieve the thing you want to achieve, as many just don’t take a step up.

If you achieve, you did it, you’re SUCCESSFUL!

If you do not achieve, you tried, you’re SATISFIED as AT LEAST and AT LAST you did something!

Success is just a SATISFACTION! & Conclusion of multiple failures.

The Eternal Experience

Shobhit Sharma once quoted “We become successful once but fails 999 times, Those 999 failures are called the experience.”

If we talk about expertise, we become experts by falling many times. We learn something at some level once, but make mistakes 1000.

Success is a box, & the box is just a box, it contains multiple failures. It is good to have more and more failures, the more we fail, the more the weight will gonna increase.

Success should have more and more weight!

Don’t let your failure be far from Success! Because Failure’s existence is important for Success' value.

999 is just n number of failures.

That 999 failure is an eternal experience. You know those 999 wrong ways one should not follow. Spread your experience, make it Eternal!


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Shobhit Sharma (born 8 December 2000) is an Indian Technology Journalist, Computer Engineer, EDM Artist, Blogger, and Entrepreneur from Agra, Uttar Pradesh.