Vimal Daga — Fake or Not?

“I’m just frustrated completely, The colleges are just preparing and pushing me for the Degree, An A4 size paper may be, hardcoded my name, and having some high profile signatures. What is it actually? What I am getting and What I achieved so far and What I’ll achieve with it. The institutes are business? Okay! I’ll try to go to my nearest Training center to learn Technology, Really? This I’ve earned so far for what I’ve invested a lot. I’m a so-called Engineer. I have a great Bio on My Instagram & getting many followers weekly because I’m an engineer. IMPRESSION. Hey! Can you hack my Facebook? Hey! Can you check my printer is not printing? Hey! Can you just fill the form for the XYZ Government job for me? Hey! What about the job? How much salary package you’ll get? You’re a Top-level university student. You’re a Middle-level university student. I’m this, I’ll get this, I’ll earn this, I’ll achieve this, I can do this, I can’t do this, I can… I’ll get… I’ll do… STOP… Please STOP. I’m an engineer How you know? What I’ve developed? Please STOP…” ~ My Brain including the thoughts of me, the society, and the reality.

Really? I’ve invested my time in this? I’m happy, but I’m not an Engineer. I’m sad, but I’m not an Engineer. Only thing I know that I’m a human. Hey society, please be responsible for your words and manipulations. Hey friends, please be responsible for your jokes and criticism. Hey family, please be responsible for your expectations. I am not an Engineer, I’m just a Human Being. DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM ME.

Can someone tell me, WHAT IS AN ENGINEER? God, can you tell me WHAT IS ENGINEER?

I invest my time in a Box! I didn’t take a haircut for a long. I don’t know what’s happening outside this Box. What I’m actually searching for? What is the meaning of my life? I don’t want to do any job without interest in what I’m not ready for and didn’t prepare myself. I can’t because I AM AN


What to do?

I think that Life has no meaning left! Now, I am feeling relaxed by chance. It is good that nothing is happening! I’m happy now, I’m happy now! But I’m a little bit tensed about the Family, especially for “MAA” (Mother). I don’t wanna leave her, but I will write to her, definitely, Yeah! That’s a great idea man, Just write for her, and she’ll definitely understand for sure :)


Hey Mom, Sorry to say but, I tried, I worked hard, but, but, I failed to achieve, I actually don’t know what is the meaning of my life, “Mujhe Maaf Kar Dena (Forgive me), Please” Say sorry to dad also, I know you’ll handle the anger of him :) & Don’t worry, “Mera Chhota Bhai talented hai, sab sambhal lega” (My younger brother is talented, He’ll manage) :) Maa! (Mother) Be strong, I know you’re reading this, Don’t cry, I’ll be always there with you :)

Okay mom, At this time, I am past! Goodbye Maa!!! :(


The journey finished too quickly. Why? Because, No one has the guts to change this sentence “I AM NOT AN ENGINEER” to “I AM NOT AN ENGINEER, I AM A CREATOR OF TECHNOLOGY”.

No one can save valuable lives. There are lots of examples in our society. Lots of students lost their lives because of the same reason of having no reason for life, Unfortunately :(










After a long time, An individual just came to the market and industries as usual. He broked lots of Records in the field of Technology. He just proved that No college, No degree is required to be an Engineer. Who is he? He is none other than… Mr.

Vimal Daga

Vimal Daga (in Hindi विमल डागा) is an Indian technology specialist, Industry expert, philanthropist, internationally recognized Information technology consultant, TEDx Speaker, and Entrepreneur from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. He is the founder of LinuxWorld Informatics, A Jaipur-based technology and training solutions company that mainly focuses on opensource, Linux, and Security.

When He was in their 1st year of college, During a Viva, He proved that MAC Address is not hardcoded, it can be changed. How did he know at that time? Where the Internet is not as free and cheap as we use it currently in India.

There are lots of things to be told about this untold Genius mind. He is the only one and the first who is “RED HAT CERTIFIED ARCHITECT IN INFRASTRUCTURE LEVEL XXIII” in the world. It’s a record. There are other records that are created by Vimal Daga and his own venture LinuxWorld.

Such a proud moment for India, Right?

After attending lots of Conferences, Seminars, After visiting lots of Countries, and meeting with High profile professionals including VPs, CEOs, Directors, Board Members, Creators of Technology including Solomon Hykes, Linus Torvalds, etc. The only thing, Vimal Daga realized and heard from those people when Vimal asked them “What’s your views about Indians?” He got the reply from multiple people that “Indians are absolute genius, They have great engineering minds, They are great Workers actually”. What? “They are great Workers actually?”

Indians are the great workers

That line Vimal Daga couldn’t accept at that time. He decided to start a mission #MakingIndiaFutureReady.

& Now, the game was begin

He started the non-profit community called “Indian Innovations & Entrepreneurship Community (IIEC) with a mission of enabling the ignorant youth of our country to become the creators of the future.

Vimal Daga training students in an auditorium at Jaipur.

He started the JAZBAA platform to promote startups and innovative ideas of the talented students who really worked hard under his mentorship, Those students are not from IIT & Biggest Colleges & Universities, those people are from normal or untold colleges.

Under his mentorship and guidance, From the JAZBAA platform, lots of students had launched their own created products

& Recently in 2020, Vimal Daga started a new initiative and life-changing platform called ARTH, which is appreciated by Creators and Leaders in the world.

ARTH — The School of Technologies

Mr. Vimal Daga said that “I’m ready to take responsibility for every single learner who chooses to work & Learn Under my guidance with dedication. I want to create kings in the market who will not wander around for jobs but will be offered core positions from Top-Notch Companies globally.”

This is how the ARTH has created the detailed content and roadmap which can never be seen in any institute in the world.

Along with ARTH, Vimal has also created a new Initiative called the INIT Program, where students will get the chance to be hired as interns or as Trainees in some of the companies.

The journey just begins, He initiated, Let us continue this… :)


Vimal Daga, obviously He is not FAKE :) He is the real engineer and creator, He is the keeper, He is the mentor, He is the God, Most important, He is from the 99% crowd of those ignorant students, Now! He is pushing them :)

Students are attached to Him because He is a magician the way he integrates the concepts and technology, the way he teaches their students is can only be done by God. According to Vimal Daga, The best way to learn is to get multiple failures & He once quoted that “I am lucky this time because I got the failure” & also he said very well that “None of the technology is difficult because it is created by Humans”

Vimal Daga saved tons of lives by giving them the right path and #RightEducation by being a #RightMentor.

He is not Fake. Vimal Daga is not FAKE, He is LEGEND

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